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Proper dance and performing arts training is beneficial in so many ways. Thorough technique promotes good posture and coordination, muscle strength and flexibility. Good training promotes musical appreciation and artistic and creative expression as students learn to channel their energy constructively. Dance and theater arts training encourages poise, style and polish, giving a healthy respect for one's body and mind. Discipline learned in the dance and theater classes can be applied to life and school work as students learn to be better organized and gain responsibility and admiration for themselves and for the others in class.

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CREATiONS by val is happy to announce our return to Grossi!! We will be available two dates & two locations this year:

Sunday, May 31st @ 12:00pm-4:00pm @ Grossi Dance Academy.

Friday, June 12th @ 2pm dress rehearsal @ Rockville High.

During this time creative individual images will be taken with show costumes. Hi-res images will be available online for viewing & downloading for the price of $50.00. Specialty photos can be taken with friends & family members @ this time for an additional $20.00.
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Cute shot of the Saturday Tap class taught by Miss Kerri!
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Nurturing yet professional teaching techniques are the cornerstone of the Grossi Dance & Performing Arts Academy.
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